Rudolf TEUNISSEN, Broken Light (2011). Atjehstraat Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Rudolf TEUNISSEN, Broken Light (2011). Atjehstraat Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
The experience of lightLight design is space defined by light. Tall columns rise up along facades, reaching for the sky. Static and tight, the beams are balanced by pools of light reflecting on the ground. What looks like graffiti from above, pedestrians experience as light and dark.
Rotterdam is a city with a heart for innovation., Completed in late 2010, the public lighting project has transformed the look and feel of Atjehstraat, creating an interior, cathedral-like space that covers a 4000 m2 projection area.
It follows years of collaboration between the council and residents working with designer Rudolf Teunissen, patron Stichting DSPS and Bureau Max designers.

The light sculpture has rejuvenated a street that until a few years ago was rife with crime. The city renovation project transformed the street and the lighting provided the finishing touch. It is a social sculpture, for the street?s residents, who literally and figuratively speaking welcomed a little light into their neighbourhood. The project is the outcome of a competition organised by Stichting DSPS, a foundation that invited designers to present a light design that reflected the importance of light, and in particular the relationship with public space in Rotterdam?s Katendrecht. Art and light were to reflect on the neighbourhood?s fiery past. Teunissen responded with a total experience concept designed for a street in the heart of a neighbourhood where urban development had not yet reached.

The light motifs are compared to flowers and birds. Teunissen designed a light system with high-yield light effects and patterns. A clear vieuw trough its street , a non glare visual experience makes it to a pleasant experience. Light , identity and experience are combinend.
An image that referred to the experience of light and dark. Broken Light is not just about memories of the past, but about rejuvenation too. After all, ?when light breaks, infinity unfolds?.
The vertical and horizontal projections are operated by a lamp in a fitting situated at a height of 6 metres. Industrial design agency Max Designers developed the fittings and contributed to coordination of the installation. A management and control report guarantees future sustainability.

Teunissen can use the system to vary the size, pattern and intensity of projections elsewhere. ?What we show is that you can illuminate an entire area and that you can add great contrast without visual obstruction or unnecessary light reflection?. Teunissen has his heart set on the further development of projects and fittings. The new light technology will most certainly contribute to accentuating architecture alongside functional lighting.

In cooperation with stichting DSPS, Buro Max Designers, Centre for Arts C.B.K Rotterdam, Pact op Zuid, Foundation B.K.v.B

Contact: Rudolf Teunissen. Tel 0031(0)104120309